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More Chinese sites, some cooperation
Sherrie Engler, of the Equine Arts Protection League is busy notifying the Equine Arts community of infringements on another website that has just shown up:
  art&craft Europic - China Oil Painting Reproduction
There are various genres that are being copied--as well as horses on this site.

Also David Cole of the UK, email reported "A recent visitor to my website alerted me to the fact that nine of my images had been stolen by these people – Dancolour. The pictures stolen are 134, 80, 77, 72, 62, 60, 54, 50 and 8. In each case they have removed the logo/copyright symbol from my picture. In most cases they have produced slightly manipulated versions of my images." We wrote back to David:

"You need to write to them directly, ask them to remove the images, copy to us (seems to help) and let us know what happens. Copy to embassies as well. We looked at your "reclining girl with red background," and their copy. We'd like to use both examples in a future letter or click with your permission. In this case they are making hand made clones and they can copy anything they can look at."
David reported back to us the next day:

"They're off! Thanks for your help. I still am not sure which initiative achieved the result: A phone call from the British Consulate in Guang Dong or one or more of the three emails I sent earlier this evening. It would be helpful to know. I think the emails you forwarded (,, did the trick better than where emails to it were returned to me undelivered. As you suggest, it may all be temporary. We'll see."

added March 9, 2006 | 10:05 PM, PST
Arch-World a wounded duck
Monitoring the art-world and the arch-world sites as we do, we note intermittent activity. Andrew has confirmed that at one point the site went down completely—only to resurrect itself after a while. My feeling is that they are tired and punchy from the bombardment. Arch-world is now full of holes. It is a wounded duck, not yet a dead one. It is letters like this one from Barbara McGivern that seem to be doing the job:

"Attention Arch-World: I am instructing your company to stop using images of my art immediately. My images are protected by copyright law, and may not be displayed now or in the future on your or any website not approved by myself. Please remit $1,200.00 for each print that has been sold by your firm. I expect to hear from you soon with a cheque following, and an assurance that my paintings have been removed permanently from your website. I would like you to confirm that I have been removed by your company or any future companies that you are intending to set you know we are protected by international copyright laws which China signed on to. You should have some respect for artists who have enough trouble selling there work that we do not have to be copied...if you like our art so much why have you not been in touch with us so we could do this legitimately."

added Feb 20, 2006 | 7:15 PM, PST
Squeaking wheel gets the grease
At the present time it seems that all artists who have written and asked to be removed from the Arch-World site are staying removed. While we've sent emails and asked if they might supply us with their current plans, there has been no correspondence from them for the last two weeks. On the other front (Dancolour and Doupine) there have been several watercolour painters who have recently reported success in removal. We've written to all the Chinese pirate sites and thanked them for their cooperation in this removal. As in most areas of human conflict and misunderstanding, appeals to friendship and kindness often carry the day. We can only hope that this international goodwill continues to prevail.

For those artists who are cruising these sites and happen to notice living artists, perhaps friends, who may not be aware they are represented, they should be notified. It's still a source of amazement to many of our friends that their work was on the Arch-World site for two years and nobody knew about it.

added Jan 16, 2006 | 8:00 PM, PST
Eternal vigilance pays off
As I write this the Arch-world website remains pleasantly crippled. The pay-off of all our effort is that further pirate sites have been discovered. They are two smaller operations run by another company—one for oils and one for watercolour. These are easier to directly check out and are at (pirated oil paintings) and (pirated watercolours) Subscriber Jean Haines, email, reports that "the (watercolour) paintings were almost identical to mine. Amazingly well reproduced. Two of the paintings they copied had been sold which further complicated matters considering the owners had paid full price for a one off original. At my request they have now removed my paintings from the site."

added Jan 9, 2006 | 9:00 PM, PST
Eternal vigilance
It appears that for the time being we have put Arch-World behind us. Thanks to all who made it happen. For those who are concerned about artistic piracy and the lifting of Internet images for resale, we must now continue in a state of "eternal vigilance." To this end Andrew is working on a search facility that will appear on this site. You will be able to enter your name and find out if you appear on ANY Asian site. We'll let you know here when this project is completed. Thanks again.

added Jan 2, 2006 | 7:45 PM, PST
We're off!
Currently there are no living artists on the Arch-world website. This has been the case now for four days. It seems our constant requests for removal have paid off. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this email bombardment. We have asked Arch-World to keep us informed of any other plans they may have, through the new Art-world and other sites they may have in mind, and to update us with sample contracts, percentages, types of replicas to be produced, etc. They have agreed to do this but as yet there is nothing specific from them.

In order to keep everybody on the up and up, Andrew has offered to build us a dedicated search engine by which individual artists will be able to punch in their names at any time in order to see if they appear on ANY Asian sites. When complete, this service will appear here.

added Dec 26, 2005 | 7:00 PM, PST
A world of artists against Arch-World
Something we didn't realize was just how gigantic the Arch-World site is. Also, we didn't realize the difficulty of getting both historical and recently deceased artists removed from the site. This letter from Belgian painter Lilian Valladares, is typical:

"I went to look at the Chinese pages to see about this Mafia story. I contacted everyone I know in order to spread the news. The darkest cloud in this whole thing is that there are many works from artists already dead. Their families, if ever advised of the misappropriation, will never be able to fight against this gang. Dead artists are rising and falling off their tombs in disgust."

Regarding the delivery of the diplomatic letter in Beijing, there has been no response as of yet from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce--or significant changes to the Arch-World website.

Please continue to alert others who are still represented on the Arch-World site. If your work is not yet removed, and you want it removed, continue writing them. It seems to take a bit of repetition and insistence. I get the feeling that it's valuable to appeal to people's sense of dignity and self respect.

On Wednesday the 21st we sent the following to Arch-World:
Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your continued action to remove art from your site. We appreciate this. In your form letter you mention that you are starting up a new commercial site. Could you send us a copy of the contract that you will be offering to artists?

All the best and thanks for your time.

Robert Genn

To which they replied on Thursday the 22nd:
Thank you! Our new commercial site The world of art is developing now. I should send you the contract when we finish the development work of "The world of art".

Sincerely, Best wishes
added Dec 22, 2005 | 9:20 PM, PST
Arch-world site exposed further
Artists who make personal requests are still being removed in timely fashion from the Arch–World website. Shooting from the hip, we think about 50% of living American and Canadian artists have been successful in getting themselves removed. The percentage for living European, Latin American and Down Under artists is much smaller.

For those in Canada, I'm currently scheduled to be interviewed on CBC Radio One on a coast-to-coast hookup at unspecified times in all time zones on the afternoon of Wednesday December 21, 2005.

Also on the Canadian front, Robin Mader, of the Canadian Trade Commission for Visual Arts, has told us that these sorts of things are generally a "private matter" between individuals--and best handled that way. She has however made arrangements for a strong diplomatic letter to be passed between the Canadian Embassy in Beijing to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Trading and Law Department. This is to occur at noon Beijing time on December 20, 2005. We'll keep you informed.

As concerned and affected artists, our most important job is to inform others who might not want to be "represented" by Arch-World. Please telephone or email people you know who may still be on the site. Protests to Chinese Embassies can't hurt either. As I write this another email has just come in with a copy of a polite request made only a few hours ago that has resulted in the removal of several pages of a young lady's paintings. Arch-World is a big site, and there are still lots of indignant artists to go. I've asked Andrew to email Michelangelo, Claude Monet and Francisco Zuccarelli, but these guys don't seem to be checking their inboxes these days.

added Dec 19, 2005 | 9:35 PM, PST
More artwork removed
The good news is that individual artists continue to have their work taken off the Arch-World website. We get the feeling that the Chinese reluctantly comply after artists have written to them more than once. The form letter response from them is diminishing, although some artists are still getting it. What surprises us is that many artists on the list either don't care or have not yet been informed. This is particularly true for Latin American and European artists. A great deal of work from a world of Public Galleries is still there as well.

This includes paintings from the Galeria Borhese, Rome; The Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT; National Gallery of Art, Washington; Alte Pinakothex, Munich, and many others. What to do about it? If you are cruising the list below and see the name of someone--or some institution--you feel should be alerted, please get in touch with them. Also if you notice any changes, or the return of work onto the Arch-World or other site, please let us. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of individual artists, we are making headway with Arch-World. In the meantime we are carefully archiving all of your letters in this matter.

If you're interested in getting an overview of the current attacks on our global economy, you might pick up a copy of Illicit -- How Smugglers, Traffickers and Copycats are Hijacking the Global Economy by Moises Naim

added Dec 15, 2005 | 8:15 PM, PST
Artists' involvment
Thanks to your continued efforts the Arch-World website is diminishing. Some artists are philosophic about it. For example Adan Lerma wrote: "Intellectual property theft is not new in the Chinese culture. The people there really do not have the same view of the value or rights of creative property, of any kind: images, music, inventions, discoveries. Neither major international corporations nor governments seem to have produced more than lip service and token actions."

Nevertheless, most artists continue to be upset. For example Ardath Davis wrote to

Subject: Using images of my paintings illegally

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am instructing your company to stop using images of my art immediately. My images are protected by copyright law, and may not be displayed now or in the future on your or any website not approved by myself. Please remit $115.00 for each print that has been sold by your firm. I expect to hear from you soon with a cheque following, and an assurance that my paintings have been removed permanently from your website.

This letter had the effect of getting her paintings removed from the Arch-World website. Whether there will be a cheque in the mail is another matter.

One by one, in this way, we seem to be appealing to their sense of decency. Perhaps they are just respecting our individual and heartfelt requests. It seems to us that about half of the artists who have written and asked for removal have been successful. It may have something to do with repetition. My work floated away after my third letter. When the work goes off the following appears in the upper left hand corner of your page:
This page not available at the present time
This means "This page not available at the present time" In some cases your works are still posted but the shopping cart facility is removed. This might indicate that they are attempting to change from a selling site to an "educational" site as indicated in their letter below. If you happen to be cruising the list and you see the names of artists who you feel would not want to be "represented," please contact them and copy them to this page. If anyone has any further information or notice of changes, please contact us at and we'll post it here.

added Dec 12, 2005 | 10:00 AM, PST
Removal requests answered
Some of the protesting artists had been answered with a form letter that appears below. One by one the artists who complained the most were removed from the site. This could be temporary. They appear to be developing another website as well. We must continue on an individual basis to shame these folks from the business of helping themselves to our work. Various levels of government from several countries have offered to add what pressure they can as well.

From: "The World of Architecture"

Dear Sir or Madam:

Upon receiving your e-mail, we immediately removed your name and works from our site, and honestly made an apology for our conduct.

Essentially, we would like to contact you to obtain your authorization directly, but it is a difficult job to find all artists worldwide. We indicated artists' names of the artworks on the site, in order to protect your legal interest. Besides that, we made a statement on the site, and gave out our contact information, hoping the artist himself or the copyright holder of his artworks to contact us.

At present, the site is in trial operation, and not yet spread widely. The shopping cart and the whole buying process you saw is just for test of our B2C system, so far we have concluded any business. Certainly, we knew that China signed on Berne Convention in 1992, and that the Chinese government has the obligations to protect the interest of copyright holders of all signature countries. Therefore, we do not sell any reproduction of the copyrighted artworks. In fact, is now a nonprofit website, providing some information and knowledge on architecture, interior design, furniture, building materials and artworks for people in China, so the site is free apart from those contents which are authorized to pay by copyright holders or holders of legal rights and interests. We sincerely hope you put your works on the site, and promise your works are just for browsing only, not for selling. We are very sorry for any harm incurred from our conduct to you once again.

Besides, we are developing another e-business site, aiming at building a bridge between artists worldwide and Chinese art consumers, and all artworks to be sold on the site will be original and authorized by their copyright holders. We sincerely look forward to having your response soon, and thank you very much for your support and cooperation.

Best wishes,

Yunnan Longway Information Industry Co., Ltd.

It may be "a difficult job to find all artists worldwide" but we are now well able to find them. Andrew and I have personally written to ask that various friends who have been too timid to write, or deceased, be removed as well. There is of course the chance that they will shape up and offer a contract to artists, but in the meantime it's my advice to clean them out of potential product, and let them start afresh. Please continue to check back here to see if your artwork reappears, and if it does, continue to ask for immediate removal. The address to write to is and copy to us at to back you up if need be.
added Dec 7, 2005 | 6:54 PM, PST
Status update
On December 5, 2005, Andrew watched as many of your images dropped from the pirate Arch-World site. In a while everything was gone and we seemed to have cause to celebrate. However, after twelve hours the website reappeared with replicas of your paintings for sale as before. At this time I'm asking all artists to continue to bombard these people by resending your previous requests, writing new protests and also continuing to alert trade commissioners, embassies, and other government people. Protest in the media may be valuable as well. We need to make sure this website is shut down and does not continue, like a bad dream, to regenerate itself.

added Dec 6, 2005 | 8:30 AM, PST
We Won!
I'm happy to report that your paintings are now falling like flies from the pirate Arch-World website. The thanks go to all artists and others (we think about 1100) who have written to Arch-World to protest and demand the removal of their art. Thanks also to all the members of the various Governments who got involved. It blows my mind but I think we have shut them down. Even the dead artists are now off.

But let's not get carried away here--another Chinese site with the same stuff could pop up at any time--so our continued vigilance will be needed. I strongly advise artists, curators and gallery owners to keep googling artists' names to see if anything appears. And please keep us informed. In the meantime, please join Andrew and I online for celebration and Champagne.

added Dec 5, 2005 | 5:00 PM, PST
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Caiazza, Alejandro Colunga, Alejandro Masetti, Alejandro Mojica, Alejandro Saenz Rozas, Alessandra Nascimento, Alessandro ALLORI, Alessandro ARALDI, Alessandro LONGHI, Alessandro MAGNASCO, Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi Botticelli, Alex Cameron, Alex Fong, Alex Pavlenko, Alex Perez, Alexander ADRIAENSSEN, Alexander KEIRINCKX, Alexander Sutulov, Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings, Alfonso Michel, Alfonso R. Vargas, Alfred Joseph Casson, Alfred Sisley, Alfredo Caravita, Alfredo Volpi, Alice Burton, Alice Candeias Ambrosini, Alice Saltiel-Marshall, Alicia Belden, Alicia Brizzio, Alicia Mentado, Alicia Toscano, Alicia Valdez, Alicia Woodman, Aline Brochu, Alio Jorge, Alisa Baldwin, Alison White, Allen Sapp, Alma Acher, Alonso BERRUGUETE, Alonso CANO, ALTICHIERO da Zevio, Aluízio Siqueira, Alvaro Arrosamena Daners, Alvilda V. Martínez Anaya, Alvise VIVARINI, Amanda Cabello de Díaz, Amanda Jones, Amanda Mabel Perez, Ambrogio BORGOGNONE, Ambrogio LORENZETTI, Ambrosius BENSON, Ambrosius BRUEGHEL, Ambrosius HOLBEIN, AmbrosiustheElder BOSSCHAERT, Amedeo-Modigliani, Amelie Koning de Bourbon, Amico ASPERTINI, Ana Candioti, Ana Cláudia Franco Rodrigues, Ana Fabry, Ana Fontana, Ana Glez, Ana Isabel Acosta, Ana Jackeline Durán Gracia, Ana Kozel, Ana Maria Fasano, Ana María Hidalgo Muñoz, Ana María Hoyos, Ana Maria Paris, Ana Orallo, Ana Pagani, Ana Piazzardi, Ana Vine, Anahilda García, Anamaría Briede Westermeyer, Anazilda Rocha, Andelko Andy Pranjic, Andre Derain, André Julien, André Latulippe, Andre Netto, André Perreault, André Pleau, André Turenne, Andrea CAMASSEI, Andrea Chimello, Andrea Conde, ANDREA DA FIRENZE, ANDREA DA MURANO, ANDREA DEL CASTAGNO, ANDREA DEL SARTO, Andrea DiazSilice, Andrea MANTEGNA, Andrea Tait, Andrea VANNI, Andreadel BRESCIANINO, Andreadel VERROCCHIO, Andree Vezina, Andres Garcia Martinez, Andres Hermosilla, Andrés M. 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Zapata de Dordelly, Bernaertvan ORLEY, Bernardino LICINIO, Bernardino LUINI, Bernardino MEI, BernardinoJacopi BUTINONE, Bernardo Baudilio González, Bernardo BELLOTTO, Bernardo CANAL, Bernardo CAVALLINO, BernatBernardo MARTORELL, Berrios Pastor, Bert Weir, Bertrand Tremblay, Betty Alter, Betty Van Vliet, Bev Rodin, Beverley Binfet, Beverly Farley, Beyla Medina de Russo, Bill Adams, Bill Brownridge, Birte Hella, Blake Debassige, Blanca Germana Molina, Bob Boyer, Bob Rennie, Bob Sheridan, Boccaccio BOCCACCINO, Boim Alejandro, Bonaventura BERLINGHIERI, BONIFACIO VERONESE, Bonifazio BEMBO, Bonnie Ackland, Botero Fernando, Bounamico BUFFALMACCO, BRAMANTE, BRAMANTINO, Bratt Judi, Bravo Mario, Brent Heighton, Brent Laycock, Brent Mensch, Brian Chandler, Brian M. Atyeo, Brian Scott, Brian Simons, Brittani Faulkes, Bruce Herchenrader, Bruno Cote, Bruno Venier, Buddy Kennedy, Butch Francis, C. Lema Vella, C.A. 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Little, Carol Hama Chang, Carol Homer, Carol Jane Shelton, Carol Oliver, Carol Perehudoff, Carol Short, Carol Wylie, Carola Daireaux, Carole Bondaroff, Carole May Coty, Carolina Palonsky, Caroline James, Caroline Kuwica, Caroline S. Calmettes, Caroline Scagel, Caroline Stengl, Carolyn Cole, Carolyn Jongeward, Carrie Lazareff, Caspar NETSCHER, CasparAndriaansvan WITTEL, Cássia Soares, CATARINO, Caterinavan HEMESSEN, Cathay Edwards, Catherine Perehudoff, CAVAZZOLA, CECCO DEL CARAVAGGIO, Cecilia Alonso, Cecilia Flaten, Cecilia Revol Nuñez, Céli Tessier, Celina Dubin, Celina Marques de Rodríguez, Celito Medeiros, Centurion Emilio, Ceri Holway, César Córdova Tapia, Cesareo BERNALDO DE QUIROS, Charles LEBRUN, Charles Nevott, Charlesde LAFOSSE, Che Mariano, Chico Rosa, Chilo Tulissi, Chris Brown, Chris Cooper, Chrissandra Neustaedter, Christian Deberdt, Christian McLeod, Christina Hepburn, Christine Guénard, Christoph AMBERGER, Christy Mitchell, Cícero Dias, CIGOLI, Cindy Barratt, Cindy Frostad, Cio Oliveira, Ciocchini Cleto, ClaesCornelisz MOEYAERT, Claesvan HEUSSEN, Clarence Bourgoin, Clarence Tillenius, Clarissa Kalfelz, Claro Bettinelli, Claucia Wippel, Claude A Simard, Claude Bonneau, Claude Gruffy, Claude Langevin, Claude LEFEBVRE, Claude Monet, Claude VIGNON, Claude-Joseph VERNET, Claudette Castonguay, Claudette Lefrancois, Cláudia, Claudia Cejrowska, Claudia Lucini, Claudinei de Camargo Sant’ana, Claudio goldini, Claudio Miklos, Cláudio Tozzi, Cleusa Masiero, Cleusa Medeiros, Clive Powsey, Clô Traboulsi, CLOUET François, CLOUET Jean, Clóvis Graciano, COCK Paul de, CODAZZI Viviano, CODDE Pieter, COECKE VAN AELST Pieter, COELLO Claudio, Colin Craig, COLLANTES Francisco, CONGNET Gillis, CONINXLOO Gillis van, Constance Bachmann, Consuelo Moros C., Consuelo Villalba de Casas, COORTE Adriaen, COPLEY John Singleton, COPPO DI MARCOVALDO, CORDOBA Pedro de, CORNEILLE DE LYON, Cornelis ANTHONISZ, Cornelis BEGA, Cornelis KETEL, Cornelis MASSYS, CORNELIS VAN HAARLEM, CornelisClaeszvan WIERINGEN, Cornelisde HEEM, Cornelisde MAN, Cornelisde VOS, CORNELISZ VAN OOSTSANEN Jacob, Cornelius JOHNSON, CORREGGIO, Cory Van Ieperen, CosmasDamian ASAM, COSSA Francesco del, COSTA Lorenzo, COTER Colijn de, COURTOIS Jacques, COUSIN Jean the Elder, COUSTENS Pieter, COUWENBERGH Christiaen van, COXCIE Michiel van, COXCIE Raphael, COYPEL Antoine, COYPEL Charles Antoine, COYPEL Noel-Nicolas, CRANACH Lucas the Elder, CRAYER Gaspard de, CRESPI Daniele, CRESPI Giovanni Battista, CRESPI Giuseppe Maria, CRETI Donato, Cristina Castro Kehoe, Cristina Figueredo, Cristina Gimenez, Cristina Manganiello, CristinayJuana Torrallardona, Cristofano ALLORI, CRIVELLI Carlo, CRIVELLI Vittorio, Crystal Babcook, CUYCK VAN MYEROP Frans, CUYP Aelbert, CUYP Benjamin Gerritsz, D. F. Gray, Da Costa Villar, DABOLOGNA VITALE, DACARPI UGO, DADDI Bernardo, Dale Robin Warke, DALEM Cornelis van, DALMAU Lluis, Damián Suárez, Dan Crapo, Dan Reid, Dana Johnson, Dana Roman, Daniel Grant, Daniel Gravel, Daniel J. Izzard Senior, Daniel P. Izzard, Daniel Ruiz Lucero, Daniel Santos, Daniel Seilicovich, Daniel Van Klei, Daniela Castilho, DANIELE da Volterra, Danielle Allard, Danielle Binette, Danielle Gagnon, Danielle Richard, Danny McBride, Daphne McLean, Daphne Odjig, Darcy Penteado, DARET Jacques, Darlene Ducharme, Darlene Hay, Dave Acton, Dave Beckett, Dave Funk, David Alfaro Siqueiros, David BAILLY, David Blackwood, David Brougham, David Butt, David Dew, DAVID Gerard, David J. Veres, David Langevin, David McHolm, David T. Alexander, David VINCKBOONS, Davis De Sousa, Dawn Oman, Dean Smale, Deb Taylor, Deborah L. Stephan, Deborah McDiarmid, Deborah Worsfold, DEBOULOGNE VALENTIN, Debra Lynn Carroll, DEHONNECOURT VILLARD, DELEN Dirck van, Delphine Large, Demetrio Urruchua, Dena Fuss, Denis Proulx, Denise Lemaster, Denise Pelletier, Denisvan ALSLOOT, Dennis Joseph Weber, Dennis Magnusson, Denys CALVAERT, DERUET Claude, Deryk Houston, DESPORTES Alexandre-François, Diana MarÍa Gutierrez, Diana Marianela Villamizar Albornoz, Diana Palmer, Diana Schiro, Diana Weinstock, Diana Zasadny, Diane Kiernan, Diane Knight, Diane LaRouche, Diane Papillon, Diane Paton Peel, Diane Tremblay, Dianna Ponting, Dianne Ostoich, Didier BARRA, Diego Beluje, Diego De Luca, Diego Manuel Rodriguez, Diego Rivera, Diego Velazquez, DiegoRodriguezdeSilvay VELÁZQUEZ, DierictheElder BOUTS, DierictheYounger BOUTS, Dieter Schlatter, DIJCK Floris Claesz van, Dino Masiero, Dirck BRAY, Dirck HALS, Dirck JACOBSZ, Dirckvan BABUREN, Dirckvander LISSE, Djalma Urban, DOBSON William, DOLCI Carlo, DOMENICHINO, Domenico BECCAFUMI, Domenico BRUSASORZI, Domenico CAPRIOLO, DOMENICO DA TOLMEZZO, DOMENICO DI BARTOLO, DOMENICO DI MICHELINO, Domenico LOVISA, DOMENICO VENEZIANO, Domingo Alfredo Federico, Dominik J. Modlinski, Dominique Alain, Dominique Menkes, Don Li-Leger, Don Sharpe, Donald Flather, Donna Baspaly, Donna Clark, Donna Jo Massie, Donna Mendes-Frobb, DONNER Georg Raphael, Dora Carrillo, Doris Charest, Doris Giltner, Doris Savard, Dorota Buczel, Dorothy Brown, Dorothy Byrne-Jones, Dorothy Campbell, Dorothy Knowles, Dorothy McKay, DOSSI Dosso, DOU Gerrit, Douglas Edwards, Douglas Haynes, Douglas J. Van Gaalen, DROST Willem, DROUAIS François-Hubert, DUCCIO di Buoninsegna, Duchy Man Valdera, DUCK Jacob, DUGHET Gaspard, DUJARDIN Karel, Dulce Escalas, Dumitru Barliga, DUMOUSTIER Pierre, DUPLESSIS Joseph Siffrein, DUPUYS Pierre, DÜRER Albrecht, DUSART Cornelis, DUYSTER Willem Cornelisz., Dy Petrovna, DYCK Sir Anthony Van, Eddrie Lerroig Ramos, Eddy Calbajal, Eddy Cobiness, Edel Ritter, Edgar Gomez, Edgardo Zerpa, Edina Sikora, Ediney Nunes, Edison Souza, Edith Warner, Edmilson Luiz Vicente, Edmundo Villa, Edna de Araraquara, Edouard Manet, Eduardo Esquivel, Eduardo Rojas Monedero, Eduardo Torassa, Eduardo Vieira Da Cunha, Edvard Munch, EECKHOUT Gerbrand van den, EERTVELT Andries van, EgidQuirin ASAM, Egleé Manzo Travieso, Eglonvander NEER, Egon Schiele, Eidyr Suartz, Eileen Hirota, El Greco, Elaine Fleming, Elaine Mercier, Élaine MERCIER, Elaine Tweedy, Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon, Elene Gamache, ELIAERTS Jan Frans, ELINGA Pieter Janssens, Elisa Guarita, Elisa Nucci, Elisabete de Paula, Elisabeth Dunn, Élisabeth VIGÉE-LEBRUN, Eliseu Visconti, Eliza Calles, Elizabeth Chaves, Elizabeth L. Gibson, Elizabeth Marrero, Elizabeth Wallace, Elkin Cañas Ibáñez, Ellen Dick, Ellen Fog, Ellen Laycraft, Elmar Theissen, Elroy Wutzke, Elsa Boisjoly, Elsa Silenzi, Elsa Sposaro, ELSHEIMER Adam, Elsie J. Griffiths, Elspeth Armstrong, Eltje Degenhart, Ema Alt, Emanuelde WITTE, Emeric Marcier, Emiliano di Cavalcanti, Emilio, Emilio Pettoruti, Emmanuel Zamor, EMPOLI, Enda Bardell, ENGELBRECHTSZ. Cornelis, Enrico Napoletano, Enrique Alberto Caviedes, Enrique Burone Risso, Enrique de Larranaga, Enriqueta Kleinman, Enriquillo Rorigues Amiama, Eric Waugh, Erica Grimm-Vance, Erica Walker, Erika Jones, Erika Stanley, Erin Bulycz, Ermina Salzano, Erna Ewert, Erna Y Antunes, Ernestina Leyva, Ernesto ChartondeTreville, Ernesto de Fiori, ES Jacob van, Esaias BOURSSE, Esaiasvande VELDE, ESCALANTE Juan Antonio Frias, Estela Bartoli, Estela Patricia, Estela Robles Galiano, Esther Perozo, Étienne LIOTARD, Eugenio CAJES, Eugenio Daneri, Eunice Enriquez, Eunice Stutz Zillner, Eustache LESUEUR, Eva Kawczynski, Eva Soares, Evalynne A. McDougall, Evaristo BASCHENIS, Evelina Benedetti, Éveline Gallant Fournier, EVERDINGEN Allaert van, EVERDINGEN Caesar van, EWORTH Hans, EYCK Hubert van, EYCK Jan van, F. Scott MacLeod, Fábio Cembranelli, Fabíola Campos, FABRITIUS Carel, Facci, FALCONE Aniello, Fanny Fynebuik, Fanny L. Sloan, Fanny Regatky, FARINATI Paolo, FASOLO Bernardino, Fatima, Fay L. Rayburn, Fayma Fang Forero, Federico Maculan, Federico ZUCCARO, FedericoFiori BAROCCI, Felga, Félix A. Pestana, Felix Jorge Rodríguez, Ferdinand BOL, Fernandes, FERNANDES Vasco, FERNÁNDEZ Alejo, FERNÁNDEZ Pedro, Fernando Antônio, Fernando Cauda, Fernando D. Cabral, Fernando Fader, Fernando Lavoz Bustamante, Fernando Martucci, Fernando Molinari, Fernando Motilla, Fernando Saldaña C., Fernando Sanchez, Fernando Ureña Rib, Fernando YÁÑEZDELAALMEDINA, FERRARI Defendente, FERRARI Gaudenzio, FERRARI Gregorio de, FERRATA Ercole, Ferrer BASSA, FETI Domenico, Fidel García, Figari Pedro, FIGINO Giovanni Ambrogio, Filippino LIPPI, FIORENZO DI LORENZO, Flavia Rondina, Flavio Galván, FLEGEL Georg, FLÉMAL Bertholet, Fleurette Sauvageau, FLINCK Govert Teunisz., Florence E. Allardice, Florence Fruman, Florencia Brenner, FLORIGERIO Sebastiano, FLORIS Frans, FONTANA Lavinia, FOPPA Vincenzo, Fortunato Lacamera, FOSCHI Pier Francesco, FOUQUET Jean, Fra ANGELICO, Fra BARTOLOMEO, FraFilippo LIPPI, Fran Telep, Frances Ferdinands, FRANCÉS Nicolás, Francesco ALBANI, Francesco BASSANO, Francesco BECCARUZZI, Francesco BOTTICINI, FRANCESCO DI GIORGIO MARTINI, Francesco MAFFEI, Francesco MELZI, Francesco UBERTINI, Francesco ZUCCARELLI, FrancescoAntoniodel CHERICO, FRANCIA Francesco, FRANCIABIGIO, Francine Gravel, Francis Bauçan, Francisco de Zubaran, Francisco Goitia, Francisco Jose de Goya Lucientes, Francisco Luna, Francisco Postlethwaite, Francisco Rebolo Gonzales, Francisco Varela Pancho, Franciscode theElder HERRERA, Franciscode theYounger HERRERA, Franciscode ZURBARÁN, Francisque MILLET, FRANCKEN Ambrosius, FRANCKEN Frans II, Francois Boucher, FRANÇOIS Guy, François LEMOYNE, Françoisde NOMÉ, Frank MILO, Frank Pochyly, Frans Hals, Fransvan theElder MIERIS, Franz Marc, Franz Ureña Rib, FranzAnton MAULBERTSCH, FrayJuanBautista MAINO, Frederickde MOUCHERON, Fredy Alfonso, Frida Kahlo, Frida Kahlo, Frieda Ashworth, Frieda Zink, FROMENT Nicolas, FRUEAUF Rueland the Elder, FRUEAUF Rueland the Younger, FURINI Francesco, FYT Jan, G.Andrea ANSALDO, Gabriel Ayala, Gabriel METSU, Gabriel Perez Arce, Gabriela Bernales, Gabriela Pavan, GADDI Agnolo, GADDI Taddeo, Gaëtane Tremblay, GAINSBOROUGH Thomas, Galen Hutcheson, GALLEGO Fernando, GAREMIJN Jan Antoon, Garen Bedrossian, GARNIER François, GAROFALO, Garry Curtis Berteig, Gary Chorney, Gary Krawchuk, Gary Miller, Gaspar-PietertheYounger VERBRUGGEN, Gaston Rebry, Gaye Adams, Gayle Saunders, GEERTGEN tot Sint Jans, Geisa Buzelin, GELDER Aert de, Gentile BELLINI, GENTILE DA FABRIANO, GENTILESCHI Artemisia, GENTILESCHI Orazio, Georg LEMBERGER, George Alles, George Bates, George Buytendorp, George Culley, George Henry Vine, George Horvath, George J. Mihalcheon, George Webb, Georges Braque, Georges Dedoyard, Georges LALLEMANT, Georgesde LATOUR, Georgevander MIJN, Gerald Marchand, Gerald Sevier, Geraldo de Barros, Gerard HORENBOUT, Gerard HOUCKGEEST, Gérardde LAIRESSE, Gerardo del Valle Martínez, Gerardo Murillo, Gerardo Pérez Robles, Gerda Marschall, Gerda Van De Windt, Germaine Arnaktauyok, Germán Darío Zwanik, Germán Hernández Navarro, German Wendel, Gerrit Verstraete, GerritClaesz BLEKER, Gerritde WET, Gerritvan HONTHORST, Gerry Thompson, Gertjan Zwiggelaar, GHEERAERTS Marcus the Younger, GHERARDO DI GIOVANNI, GHEYN Jacob de II, GHIRLANDAIO Domenico, GHIRLANDAIO Ridolfo, GHISLANDI Vittore, Ghitta Caiserman, Giacomo CERUTI, GIAMBONO Michele, GIAMPIETRINO, GianLorenzo BERNINI, Gifontt, GIJBRECHTS Cornelis, Gilberto Evaristo, Gilles Labranche, Gilles Pelletier, Gillis MOSTAERT, GILLIS Nicolaes, GillisClaesz.d HONDECOETER, GILLOT Claude, Ginette Beaulieu, Ginette Berthiaume, Ginette Racette, Gioachino ASSERETO, GIORDANO Luca, Giorgio VASARI, GIORGIONE, GIOTTINO, GIOTTO di Bondone, Giovanni BAGLIONE, Giovanni BELLINI, GIOVANNI DA MILANO, GIOVANNI DA RIMINI, GIOVANNI di Paolo, Giovanni LANFRANCO, Giovanni MANSUETI, GiovanniAntonio BOLTRAFFIO, GiovanniBattista CARACCIOLO, GiovanniBattista MORONI, GiovanniBenedetto CASTIGLIONE, Giovannidel BIONDO, GiovanniFrancesco CAROTO, GiovanniPaolo PANNINI, GIROLAMO DA TREVISO the Younger, Girolamo MAZZOLABEDOLI, Girolamoda CARPI, Gisela Felsburg, Gisele Comtois, Gisèle L’Épicier, Gitta Whillier, Giulia LAMA, Giuliano BUGIARDINI, Giulio CAMPI, Giulio CARPIONI, GIULIO ROMANO, GIUNTA PISANO, Giuseppe ARCIMBOLDO, Giuseppe ZAIS, Gladys Martínez Nosiglia, Glauco Pinto de Moraes, Glen Semple, Glenn Bernabe, Glenn Morgan, Gloria Ainsworth Mout, Gloria Audo, Glória Chan, Gloria O’Neil, Gloria Treviño, Gloria Verónica González, GOBIN Michel, GOES Hugo van der, GOLTZIUS Hendrick, GONÇALVES Nuno, GONZÁLEZ Bartolomé, González Salazar, GonzaloPatricio CienfuegosBrowne, Goossenvander WEYDEN, Gordon F. Currie, Gordon Henschel, Gordon Lewis, Gordon Schuck, GOSSAERT Jan, GOYEN Jan van, GOZZOLI Benozzo, Grace Cowling, Grace Lazzeri, Gracia Barrios, Graciela Beatriz Ronconi, Graciela Gladis Cambursano, Graciela Pierangelia, Graciela Rodo-Boulanger, Graciela Turco, Graeme Shaw, GRAFF Anton, Graham Pettman, GRAMATICA Antiveduto, GRANACCI Francesco, Grant Leier, Grant McLean, GRASSI Giovannino de’, GRAVELOT Hubert-François, GREBBER Pieter de, GRECO El, Gregg Johnson, Gregório Gruber, Gregory Kero, Greta Guzek, GREUZE Jean-Baptiste, GRIMMER Abel, GRIMMER Jacob, GRÜNEWALD Matthias, Guadalupe Serrano, GUARDI Francesco, GUARDI Gianantonio, GUARIENTO d’Arpo, Guéganne Doucet, GUERCINO, Guido CAGNACCI, GUIDO DA SIENA, Guillermo Javier Alvarez, Guillermo Munro, Guillermo Núñez, GÜNTHER Franz Ignaz, Gustavo Acosta, Gustavo Alves, Gustavo Bernal González, Gustavo Scarrone, Guttorn Otto, Guy Roy, Guylaine Beauchemin, Guylaine Saucier, Gwen Curry, Gwen Sheppard, GYSBRECHTS Franciscus, H. E. Kuckein, Hans BALDUNGGRIEN, Hans BOL, Hans BOLLONGIER, Hans BURGKMAIR, Hans Herold, Hans HOFFMANN, Hans MEMLING, Hans MULTSCHER, HansSüssvon KULMBACH, HanstheElder HOLBEIN, HanstheYounger HOLBEIN, Hansvon AACHEN, Harland Izatt, Harmen HALS, Haydeé Borocz, Haydeé Isaurralde, Haydee Mendizabal, Hazel Breitkreutz, Heather E. Anderson, Heather Kertzer, Heather Luccock, Heather R. Noddin, Héctor Borla, Héctor Fuentes, Heinz Böese, Helen Ott, Helena A. Strongov, Helena Ball, Helena Coelho, Helene Beck, Helenice, Helga Krebs, Helga María Massetani, Helio Nunes, Hendrick AVERCAMP, HendrickCornelisz VROOM, HendrickFrans VERBRUGGEN, Hendrickvan VLIET, Hendrik Bres, Hendrikvan MINDERHOUT, Henri Matisse, Henri MAUPERCHÉ, Henry Noguera, Henry Tejada Saavedra, Henry Wanton Jones, Hércules Barsotti, Heriberto Mendez, Herrimetde BLES, Hieronymus BOSCH, Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas, Holly Carr, Horacio Alberto Lometto, Horacio Butler, Horacio Cacciabue, Horacio Gerpe, Hortensia Peña de Lima, Hortensia Tinedo Gómez, Hyun-Jeong Bok, Ignacio Basauri, Ignacio Castillo Arvayo, Ignacio Iturria, Igor Postash, Ilania Abileah, Iñaki Gurtubay, India O’Hara, Ines Lalanne, Ingeborg Raymer, Inger DeCoursey, Ingrid Schmidt, Ingrid Taylor, Ingrid Winkler, Ione Caldas, Irene Giesbrecht, Irene Klar, Iris Barker, Isaac OLIVER, Isaackvan OSTADE, Isaak OUWATER, Isabel Civit, Isabel Pérez Salazar, Isaias Alezones, Ismael Nery, Israel Pedrosa, Italo Botti, Iurio G., Ivan Vasleff, Ivanka Drufovka, J. Freire, J. Thomas Hinton, J.C. Brager, Jacek Rudnicki, Jack Cassady, Jack Grundle, Jack Grunsky, Jack Hambleton, Jack Reid, Jacob JORDAENS, Jacob OCHTERVELT, JacobAdriaensz. BACKER, Jacobde BACKER, Jacobde HEUSCH, Jacobde WIT, Jacobello ALBEREGNO, JACOBELLO DEL FIORE, JacobPhilipp HACKERT, Jacobus VREL, Jacobvan CAMPEN, Jacobvan theElder OOST, Jacobvander ULFT, Jacopo AMIGONI, Jacopo BASSANO, Jacopo BELLINI, JACOPO del CASENTINO, JACOPO del SELLAIO, Jacopo LIGOZZI, Jacopo ZUCCHI, Jacopode BARBARI, Jacqueline Stehelin, Jacqueline Tsai, JACQUEMART DE HESDIN, Jacques BELLANGE, Jacques BLANCHARD, Jacques HUPIN, Jacques Jourdain, Jacques LINARD, Jacques Poirier, Jacquesde L’ESTIN, Jacques-Jean-Baptiste AUGUSTIN, Jacques-Louis David, Jaime José, Jaime Rafael Carbó Marchesini, Jaime Retamales, JakobJohann ZEILLER, Jan ASSELYN, Jan BOTH, Jan Corcoran, Jan Crawford, Jan Delikat, Jan HACKAERT, Jan JANSSENS, Jan KUPECKY, Jan LIEVENS, Jan MASSYS, Jan MIEL, Jan MIJTENS, Jan MOSTAERT, Jan Van Eyck, Jan VERMEERVANDELFT, Jan VICTORS, Jan WEENIX, Jan WILDENS, Jan WYNANTS, Jan Yeb’s Ypma, JanAbrahamsz. BEERSTRATEN, Jan-Baptist BOSSCHAERT, JanBaptist WEENIX, JanCornelisz VERMEYEN, JanCornelisz VERSPRONCK, HEEM, Jande BEER, Jande BRAY, Jane Adams, Jane Appleby, Jane Armstrong, Jane Fergusson-Storey, Jane Gardner, Jane Saborio, Jane Wickbold, Janet Copps, Janet Esseiva, Janice Robertson, Janice Windrum, JanJozefII HOREMANS, JanMiense MOLENAER, JanSandersvan HEMESSEN, Janvan BIJLERT, Janvan HUYSUM, Janvan KESSEL, Janvande CAPELLE, Janvander HEYDEN, Jaqueline Rivard, Jarmila Mehrabian, Jaume HUGUET, Javier Florez Barrios, Javier González Amador, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Jean BELLEGAMBE, Jean Bonvini, Jean CHANGENET, JEAN DE BEAUMETZ, Jean Denis Maillart, Jean Grant Horner, Jean Hans Arp, Jean MALOUEL, Jean Miller Harding, Jean NOCRET, Jean Pederson, Jean Peters, Jean Quintin, Jean-Antoine WATTEAU, Jean-Antoine Watteau, Jean-Baptiste JOUVENET, Jean-Baptiste MONNOYER, Jean-Baptiste OUDRY, Jeane Duffey, Jeanette E. McClelland Brookes, Jean-Guy Desrosiers, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Jean-Louis Andre Theodore Gericault, Jean-Marc Blier, Jean-Marc NATTIER, Jeanne Krabbendam, Jeanne Stangeland, Jeanne Thiessen, Jean-Pierre Guay, Jean-Pierre Lafrance, Jeff Frest, Jeff Willmore, Jeffrey Greenwood, Jennifer Annesley, Jennifer Goodwin, Jennifer Tunner, Jeremie White, Jessie Bédard, Jesús Reyes Ferrerira, Jim Cowan, Jim Cupido, Jim Glenn, Jim Logan, Jim Marsh, Jim Pescott, Jim Poitras, Jim Rowe, Jimmy Perron, Jo Scott-B, Joachim BEUCKELAER, Joachim WTEWAEL, Joan Archer, Joan Belmar, Joan MacLeod, Joan Miro, Joan Willsher Martel, Joanne Clarke, Joanne Gauthier, João Batista Castagneto, João Calixto, João Cândido, João Francisco Volpe, Joao Werner, Joaquín Barrios Barrios, JobAdriaensz BERCKHEYDE, Joel Amaral, Johann LISS, Johann ZOFFANY, Johannes BOSSCHAERT, Johannes LINGELBACH, JohannKarl LOTH, John Alexander Day, John B Beatty, John Bristow, John Goguen, John Graz, John Hayward Lown, John Joy, John Kasyn, John Legate, John Macdonald, John Magyari, John Molnar, John Revill, John WOOTTON, Jonathon Earl Bowser, Jonn Einerssen, JOOS van Wassenhove, Joosde MOMPER, Jordanka Yaretz, Jorge Bermudez, Jorge Demirjian, Jorge Dueñas, Jorge Elia, Jorge Gómez, Jorge Goncalves Rormer, Jorge González Camarena, Jorge Gurmandi, Jorge Henrique, Jorge INGLÉS, Jorge Omar Galdeano, JörgtheElder BREU, Joris HOEFNAGEL, Josafá, José Carvalho, José Clemente Orozco, José Cukier, José GildeCastro, José Hermitanho, José Hotte, José Javier Toro Cortes, José Luis Betancourt, José Luis Miranda Landaeta, José Manuel Arce Garza, José Manuel Navarro DueñasMeme, José María Velasco, José Moraes, José Moreno Aparicio, José Pancetti, José Ramón Morales, José Roberto Aguilar, José Tomás Pérez González, Jose Ventura, José Zechetto, Josée Lord, Josee Miller, JoseftheYounger WINTERHALTER, Joseph Cross, Joseph HIGHMORE, Joseph VIVIEN, Joseph WRIGHT, Josephde BRAY, JosephtheElder HEINTZ, JosephtheYounger HEINTZ, Joss Carvalho, Josse LIEFERINXE, Joy Taylor, Joyce Gebauer, Joyce Kamikura, Juan Carlos Castagnino, Juan Carlos Castillo, Juan Carlos Lasser, Juan Carlos Liberti, Juan Carlos Miraglia, Juan Carlos Ñañake Torres, Juan Carlos Norero Borguenson, Juan CARREÑODEMIRANDA, Juan Cristobal Pinochet, Juan Danés, JUAN DE FLANDES, Juan delPrete, Juan Echenique, Juan Gali Papini, Juan Mauricio Rugendas, Juan O’Gorman, Juan Rodrigo Piedrahita, Juan Soriano, JuanBautistaMartinezdel MAZO, Juande BORGOÑA, Juande BURGOS, Juande JUANES, Juande VALDÉSLEAL, Juandela ABADIA, JuanFrancisco GonzálezEscobar, Juanita Noble, Juanvander HAMEN, Jude Woodland, Judith Bergeron, Judith Cheesbrough, Judith LEYSTER, Judith Madsen, Judith Szalkowicz, Judy Bagshaw, Judy Loree, Judy West, Julia Miranda, Julián Díaz Valverde, Julio Fierro, Julio Quispe Virhuez, Julio Shebelut, Julio Vanzo, JuliusCaesar IBBETSON, Juvenal Ramos, K. Neil Swanson, Karelvan MANDER, Karen Filthaut, Karen Marcus, Karen Rieger, Kari Duke, Karin Jorge, Karo Alexanian, Kasper Seitz, Katherine McLean, Kathleen Lynch, Kathleen McCallum, Kathleen Moors, Kathy Clavette, Kathy Johnston, Kathy Thomson, Katia POULIN, Kazimir Malevitch, Kelsey Webb, Ken Brown, Ken Christopher, Ken Cochrane, Ken Gillespie, Ken Kirkby, Ken Wesman, Kerstiaen KEUNINCK, Kevin Witzke, Kiff Holland, Kim VEILLEUX, Kimberley Cook, Kleber Nina, KONRAD von Soest, Konrad WITZ, Kristeen Verge, Kristine Vallée, Krys Dudek, Krystyna Laycraft, Kurt Connell, L. Paula Affonso, LAILA CAMPBELL, Lambert LOMBARD, Lanceloot BLONDEEL, Lanni Sulje, Larry Achtemichuk, Larry Bracegirdle, Larry Deacon, Lasar Segall, Laura Carberry, Lauraine Russell, Laurel J. V. Cormack, Laurentde LAHIRE, Laurette DROUIN, Laury Ravenstein, Layne Larsen, Lazzaro BASTIANI, LE NAIN brothers, Leandro BASSANO, Lee Beames, Lee Claremont, Leicia Gotlibowski, Lena Barros, Leola Forster, Leonaert BRAMER, LEONARDO da Vinci, Leonardo Faillace, Leonor Lucio, Leopoldo Presas, Leopoldo Torres Aguero, Les Graff, Les Linfoot, Les Thomas, Lesbia Irene Luzardo-Zschaeck, Leslie MacFadden, Leslie Poole, Leslie Potter, LESLIE ROHONCZY, Leszek Wyczólkowski, Leticia de Bourg, Leticia N. Castro, Leticia Tarrago, Leya Evelyn, LIBERALE da Verona, Lic. Martha Celia Hernández y Cortés Marfe, Lidia Papic, Lila Borrego, Lila Cova, Lila Magallon, Lilian Ortiz, Liliana Etcheguia, Liliana FernándezInfanzón, Liliana Gerzenstein, Lillian Alvarez, Lillian Tkach-Matisons, Lily AUBRY, LIMBOURG brothers, Linda Deleau, Linda Jensen, Linda Kasdorf, Linda McEachern, Linda Prud’Homme, Line Tremblay, Lippo MEMMI, Lisa Fortin, Lise Cree, Lise DESJARDIN, Lise Ruel, Lise Vézina Beltrami, Lisete, Lissi Legge, Lita Artola, Lívto Abramo, Lluis BORRASSA, Lodewijkde VADDER, Lodovico CARRACCI, Lois Bauman, Lois Fisch, Lois Washington, Lora Armbruster, Loraine Stephanson, LORENZO DA VITERBO, LORENZO DI ALESSANDRO DA SANSEVERINO, LORENZO DI CREDI, Lorenzo LOTTO, LORENZO Monaco, LORENZO VENEZIANO, Lori McPheeZ, Lori Tjorhom, Lorna Dall, Lorna Dockstader, Lorna Hannett, Lorne Topham, Lorraine P. Dietrich, Lorraine Roy, Lorraine Whellams, Louis Boudreault, Louise Cook, Louise Dandurand, Louise HOUDE, Louise Lauzon, Louise Martineau, Louise MOILLON, Louise Richardson, Louis-Joseph WATTEAU, LouisMichelvan LOO, Lubin BAUGIN, Luc ARCHAMBAULT, Luca CAMBIASO, Luca CARLEVARIS, Lucas HORENBOUT, Lucas MOSER, LUCAS van Leyden, Lucas VORSTERMAN, LucastheYounger CRANACH, Lucasvan UDEN, Lucasvan VALKENBORCH, Lucemar De Souza, Lucia Botto, Luciana Benotti, Luciana Colombo, Lucie Bilodeau, Lucie Ménard, Lucy Collings, Lucy Rachynski, Ludmila Mihalevich, Ludolf BACKHUYSEN, Ludovico MAZZOLINO, Luis Alberto Galíndez, Luis Barragán, Luis F. Esparragosa Manrique, Luis Formaiano, Luis Francisco Vazquez, Luis MELÉNDEZ, Luis Valsoto, Luisa Elena Paez Padrón, Luisde MORALES, Luiz Paulo Baravelli, Luiza Estrella, Luke Orton Lindoe, Lupina Flores, Luther Pokran, Luz María Sánchez Velasco, Lydia Tarica, Lygia Clark, Lygia Dalton, Lyla Couzens, Lyne Armstrong, Lynn Garceau, Lynn Huntley, Lynn Kingham, Lynn Malin, Lynn Webster, Lynne Grillmair, Lyse MARSAN, Lyse Paquette, M savage, M Teresa Mascardi, M. Attilio, M. Susan Laley, Mabel Benitez, Mad Dog Gallery, Madeleine BÉCHARD, Maerten BOELEMADESTOMME, Maertenvan HEEMSKERCK, Magali Herradon, Maggie Bernet, Maggie White, Magola Verdessoto, Maguipe, Malena Peralta, Malou Delibo, Manoel Costa, Mar Violeta Hernández, Mara Hofmann, Marc Audet, Marc Galipeau, Marcantonio BASSETTI, Marcel Côté, Marcel Fundora Alcazar, Marcela García, Marcela Répide, Marcela Rodriguez, Marcello Sellan, Marcelo Balquinta, Marcelo Bordese, Marcelo Carlos Ortega, Marcelo De Angelis, Marcelo Lo Pinto, Marcelo Nitsche, Marcelo Novo, Marcelo Suaznabar, Marcia Barry, Marcia Franco, Márcia Oliveira, Marcia Pinho, Marcia Reverón Sánchez, Marcio Faria, Marco BASAITI, Marco Dario Ortolan, Marco Moraes, Marco Tulio Espinosa, Marco Valencia, Marcos Jesús, Marcos Milewski, Marcos Moreira, Marcos Salerno, Marcos Tiglio, Marcos Zechetto, Margaret Dennis, Margaret Humphreys, Margaret Salazar, Margarita Cavada Vega, Margarita Collazo, Margarita Nuñez de Sierra, Margarita Ruiz Reyes, Margery McBride Elliott, Margie Clancy, Margo Harrison, Marguerite Mahy, María Águeda González Olmedo, Maria Alda Scomparini, María Alejandra Besozzi, María Alejandra Gámez Román, María Antonia Franco, Maria Carmo, María Consuelo Guacuto Blanco, María Cristina Pozzi, María de los Angeles Hermo Rañó, Maria del Carmen Covelo, María del Socorro Rocha Lemus, María Egea, María Elena Mansilla, María Elena Sancho, Maria Ester Barolin, Maria Helena, Maria Inês Lukacs, Maria Izquierdo, María José Cabas, Maria Noel Dourron, Maria Parmo, Maria Tereza Louro, Mariana Aran, Mariana Berdiñas, Marianne Broome, Marianne Wunderli, Mariano Sapia, Mariavan OOSTERWIJK, Marie Linda BLUTO, Marie-Josée Girard, Mariela Haack, Mariela Restrepo, Marie-Linda, Marielle, Marija Petricevic, Marilena Rubens, Marilyn Atkey, Marilyn Itrat, Marilyn Timms, Marina Albornoz, Marina Joy, Marino Valdez, Mario Agatiello, Mario Beaudoin, Mario Carreño, Mario Gomez, Mario Pérez, Mário Pillati, Mario Roldán Villa, Mario Torrecilla, Mario Zanini, Mario-Bernard Tremblay, Marion Harding, Mariotto ALBERTINELLI, Marisa Germiniani, Marisela Moreno Cano, Marjorie Turnbull, Marjorie Young, Mark Duncan, Mark Farand, Mark Fletcher, Mark Gaskin, Mark Lubicz, Mark Prosser, Marla Wilson, Marly Conti, MARNEY WARD, Marta Aguilera, Marta Heisecke, Marta Styk, Martende VOS, Martha Elisa Bojórquez, Martha Montero, Martha Salas, Martin Beaulie, Martin Cadorette, Martin La Rosa, Martín Pérez Agrippino, Martina Shapiro, Martine Bilodeau, Martine TREMBLAY, Martinvan MEYTENS, Mary Ann Guliov, Mary Baker, Mary Johnson, Mary Lozano, Mary Pavey, Maryam Rais Rohani, Maryann Kamphuis, Maryse Proulx, MASACCIO, Masako Araki, Masami, MASOLINO da Panicale, Massenzi, MASTER Bertram, MASTER FRANCKE, MASTER H.L., MASTER HONORÉ, MASTER of AC Monogram, MASTER of Alkmaar, MASTER of Avila, MASTER of Budapest, MASTER of Female Half-length, MASTER of Flémalle, MASTER of Heiligenkreuz, MASTER of Hohenfurth, MASTER of Hoogstraeten, MASTER of Moulins, MASTER of Saint Cecilia, MASTER of Saint Gilles, MASTER of Saint Veronica, MASTER of San Francesco Bardi, MASTER of the Aix Annunciation, MASTER of the Aix-en-Chapel Altarpiece, MASTER of the Avignon School, MASTER of the Bambino Vispo, MASTER of the Castello Nativity, MASTER of the Catholic Kings, MASTER of the Duke of Bedford, MASTER of the Hartford Still-life, MASTER of the Housebook, MASTER of the Joseph Legend, MASTER of the Legend of St. Ursula, MASTER of the Life of Saint John the Baptist, MASTER of the Life of the Virgin, MASTER of the Lyversberg Passion, MASTER of the Pfullendorf Altar, MASTER of the Polling Panels, MASTER of the Saint Lucy Legend, MASTER of the St. Bartholomew Altar, MASTER of the Tegernsee Passion, MASTER of the Trebon Altarpiece, MASTER of the Vienna Adoration, MASTER of the Virgo inter Virgines, MASTER of the Votive Picture of Sankt Lambrecht, MASTER THEODERIC, MASTER THOMAS de Coloswar, MASTERS of the Fontainebleau School, Mateo CEREZO, Mathias WITHOOS, Matilde Grant, Matta Roberto, MATTEO di Giovanni, Matthijs NAIVEU, Maureen Dorinda, Maureen Karagianis, Maurice de Vlaminck, MauriceQuentinde LATOUR, Mauricio Battistelli, Maurício Fonseca, Mauricio Linares Aguilar, Max Ernst, Maxine Noel, Maxwell Bates, Maxwell Newhouse, Mayra Armijo Ugalde, Mel Heath, Melchior BROEDERLAM, Melchiord’ HONDECOETER, Melvyn Malkin, Mercedes Fariña, Merv Brandel, Mery Glez, Meyndert HOBBEMA, Michael Matthews, Michael OSTENDORFER, Michael Robinson, Michael Savage, Michael Stanfield, Michael WOLGEMUT, Michel DesRochers, Michel Ladouceur, Michel Mecteau, Michel PAQUET, Michel Raymond, Michelangelo, MICHELANGELO Buonarroti, Michelangelo Caravaggio, Michelangelo CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo UNTERBERGER, MICHELE DA VERONA, Michele MARIESCHI, MICHELE PANNONIO, Michele Zarb, MICHELI Parrasio, MICHELINO DA BESOZZO, Michelle WINKEL, MichielJansz.van MIEREVELD, Mickie Acierno, Miguel Angel Bía, Miguel Angel Juri, Miguel Ángel Quinche, Miguel Carlos Labra, Miguel Carlos Victorica, Miguel Cerejido, Miguel Conesa Osuna, Miguel Diomede, Milixa Morón González, Milton Jeronimides, Milton Moraes, Mireya Juárez Noriega, Mireya Pérez de Power, Miriam Arbelo, Miriam Fargas, Mirta Furmanski, Mónica Alfaro, Mónica Pérez, Monique Mas, Monique T. LAXER, Monteggia, MORAZZONE, MORETTO da Brescia, Murielle Hains, Murray Godfrey, Murray Roed, Myrtle-Anne Rempel, Nadine Wyczolkowski, Nanah, Nancy Guarina, Nancy Lucas, Nancy Newman, Nancy Pridham, Nancy Uphaus, Nanda Barros, NARDO DI CIONE, Natalia Ludmila Monroy, Navarro, Neil Boyle, Neil Locke, Neisa de la Torre, Neiva Sanches, Nélida D Amato, Nelson Raposeiro, Nemesio Antúnez, Neri Scott, NEROCCIO DE LANDI, Nerodi BICCI, Nestor Trajtemberg, NEUFCHATEL Nicolas, Neuza Luminatti, NICCOLÒ DA FOLIGNO, NICCOLÒ DI PIETRO, NICCOLÒ SEMITECOLO, Niccolodell ABBATE, Nicholas HILLIARD, Nicolaes BERCHEM, Nicolaes MAES, Nicolás Herrera, Nicolas LANCRET, Nicolas MIGNARD, Nicolas Poussin, Nicolas-Bernard LÉPICIÉR, Nicolasde LARGILLIÈRE, Nicolaus KNÜPFER, Nicole FOREMAN, Nicole Laporte, Nicole LÉVESQUE, Nicole RAINVILLE, Nicole Sigaud, Nicole St-PIERRE, Niklaus MANUEL, NIKO, Nilda Costa, Nini Larrañaga, Niroif, Noe Luis Felipe, Noël HALLÉ, Nonie Ava Ault, Nora Arce, Nora González, Nora Muñoz Orrego, Norberto Ángel Bitar, Noreen Marshall, Norma Blann, Norma Duarte, Norma Villarreal, Norma Waijer, Norman Brown, Norman Yates, Normand Lauzon, Olga Silva, Orazio BORGIANNI, Orbetelli, ORCAGNA, Orestes Días Morales, Orlando Arias Morales, Orlando Buccino Sacco, ORTOLANO, Oscar Anadón, Oscar Araripe, Oscar Capeche, Oscar Capristo, Oscar Correa, Oscar Valdez Villena, Osias BEERT, OSONA Rodrigo de the younger, Oswaldo Goeldi, Otávio Roth, Ottovan VEEN, Pablo Burchard Eggeling, Pablo Ezequiel Naumann, Pablo Garat, Pablo Mur Morasso, Pablo Picasso, Pablo Taboada, Pablomartin Suarez, PACHER Friedrich, PACHER Michael, Page Ough, PALAMEDESZ Antonie, PALMA GIOVANE, PALMA VECCHIO, PALMERINO DI GUIDO, Palmira Giménez, Panfilo NUVOLONE, PANTOJA DE LA CRUZ Juan, Paolo Medei, Paolo UCCELLO, PAOLO VENEZIANO, Paolo VERONESE, PARENZANO Bernardino, Paris BORDONE, PARMIGIANINO, PARROCEL Joseph, PASSEROTTI Bartolomeo, Pastor Pérez Rodríguez, Pat Maertz, Pat Peacock, PATEL Pierre, PATENIER Joachim, PATER Jean Baptiste Joseph, Patricia Arribalzaga, Patricia Avellaneda, Patricia Casanova, Patricia Costanzo, Patricia de los Reyes, Patricia Johnston, Patricia Litvin, Patricia Neil Lawton, Patricia NGUYEN, Patricia Reynoso, Patricia Saporiti, Patricio Peña Oltra, Paul Béliveau, Paul Bennett, Paul BRIL, Paul Buten, Paul Cezanne, PAUL CHESTER, Paul Constable, Paul Emile Borduas, Paul Gauguin, Paul Jegalian, Paul Klee, Paul Serusier, Paul Van Ginkel, Paula, Paula Galindez, Paula Martins, Paulde VOS, Paule Lagace, Paul-Henri DuBERGER, Pauline Deane, Pauline Nadeau Evans, Paulo Claudio Osir, Paulo Whitaker, Paul-Signac, Paulus MOREELSE, Pedro Alexandrino, Pedro BERRUGUETE, Pedro Claret, Pedro David, Pedro Figari, Pedro H. Hernández, Pedro José Millán, Pedro Lira, Pedro Macedo, Pedro MACHUCA, Pedro ORRENTE, Pedro Serrano Granados, Pedro Wrede, Pedrode CAMPAÑA, PEETERS Bonaventura the Elder, PEETERS Clara, Peetertheelder NEEFFS, Peggy Morley, PELLEGRINI Giovanni Antonio, PENCZ Georg, PENSIONANTE DEL SARACENI, PEPIJN Marten, Pere Greenham, PEREDA Antonio de, Pereira Luiz Alberto, Perez Celis, PERRIER François, PERRONNEAU Jean-Baptiste, PERUGINO Pietro, PESELLINO, PESNE Antoine, PETER GOUGH, Peter Jacobs, Peter Kolacz, Peter Shostak, Peter Wyse, Petrus WILLEBEECK, Phil Sheil, Philip Hallawell, Philips KONINCK, Philips WOUWERMAN, Phyllis Anderson, Phyllis Godwin, Phyllis Ljuden-Elderkin, PIAZZA Callisto, PIAZZETTA Giovanni Battista, PierFrancesco MOLA, PIERO della FRANCESCA, PIERO DI COSIMO, Pierre Bedard, Pierre Blanchette, Pierre Bonnard, Pierre Bourgouin, Pierre DESJARDINS, Pierre Gélineau, Pierre Giroux, Pierre Mignard, PIERRE PATRY, PierreNicolas HUILLIOT, Piet Mondrian, Pieter AERTSEN, Pieter BOEL, Pieter BRUEGEL, Pieter Molenaar, Pieterde BLOOT, Pieterde HOOCH, Pieterde MOLYN, PieterJozef VERHAGHEN, PieterPietersz LASTMAN, PIETERSZ Pieter, PietertheElder BRUEGEL, Pietervan LAER, Pietervander WERFF, PIETRO DA CORTONA, PIETRO DA RIMINI, PIETRO DI GIOVANNI D’AMBROGIO, Pietro LONGHI, Pietro LORENZETTI, Pietro NOVELLI, Pietro PAOLINI, PietroPaolo BONZI, Pilar Sala, Pilar Vazquez, PINTURICCHIO, PIOLA Domenico, PIRANESI Giovanni Battista, PISANELLO, PISANO Nino, PITTONI Giambattista, PLEYDENWURFF Hans, POEL Egbert van der, POELENBURGH Cornelis van, POLACK Jan, Policarpo Ribeiro, POLLAIUOLO Antonio del, POLLAIUOLO Piero del, POMARANCIO, Pompeo BATONI, PONTIUS Paulus, PONTORMO Jacopo, POORTER Willem de, PORDENONE, Posario Vasquez Krutzfeldt, POST Frans, POST Pieter Jansz, POT Hendrick Gerritsz, POTTER Paulus, POURBUS Frans the Elder, POURBUS Frans the Younger, POURBUS Pieter, POUSSIN Nicolas, POZZO Andrea, Prada Fernando, PREDIS Ambrogio de, PRETI Mattia, PRIMATICCIO Francesco, Priscilla Falconi Parker, PROCACCINI Carlo Antonio, PROCACCINI Giulio Cesare, PROVOST Jan, Prudence Smith, PUCELLE Jean, PUGET Pierre, PULIGO Domenico, PYNACKER Adam, PYNAS Jacob, PYNAS Jan, QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN Dirck de, QUELLIN Erasmus II, Quentin MASSYS, Quentin VARIN, Quiringhvan BREKELENKAM, R. Falvella, RAEBURN Sir Henry, Rafael Chávez González, Rafael Jover Clos, RAFFAELLO Sanzio, Ralph Eastland, Ramon Gomez Cornet, Ramón Méndez, Ramón Palacios, Ramonde MUR, RAMSAY Allan, Randy Wiens, Ranjan Sen, Raquel Alvarez Villasmil, Raquel Arcos Bouchez, Raquel Forner, Raquel Partnoy, Raquel Robinson Tangüis, RATGEB Jörg, Raúl Anguiano, Raúl Lozza, Raúl Manzano, Raúl Mora, Rául Oscar Martínez, Raúl Pérez, Raul Russo, Raúl Sánchez, Raúl Soldi, Raúl Virgen, Ray Ward, Raymond Chow, Raymond Monvoisin, Raymond Quenneville, Raymonde Duchesne, Réal Fournier, Rebecca García Fernández, Rebecca Perehudoff, RECCO Giuseppe, Reet Herder, Regina Seib, Regina Zechetto, RÉGNIER Nicolas, REICHLICH Marx, Reiner NOOMS, REIXACH Juan, Réjean Dallaire, REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van RIJN, Remigiusvan LEEMPUT, Rénald Brisebois, RENARD DE SAINT-ANDRÉ Simon, Renato Costa, Renato de Almeida, René Gagnon, Rene Magritte, René Medina, Rene Thibault, Renée Des Jardins, RENI Guido, Repetto Micheli Alejandra, RESTOUT Jean, REYMERSWAELE Marinus van, Reynaldo Veliz Fernandez, REYNOLDS Sir Joshua, RIBALTA Francisco, RIBERA Jusepe de, Ricardo Gallardo, Ricardo Rocha Guzmán, RICCI Marco, RICCI Sebastiano, Rich Williams, Richard BRAKENBURG, Richard Cole, Richard Connor, Richard Fulham, Richard McDiarmid, Richard WILSON, RICHTER Johan, Rick Beaver, Rick Bond, Rick Rivet, RIGAUD Hyacinthe, RIJCKHALS Frans, RIL EY John, Riley Charters, RIMINALDI Orazio, RING Pieter de, Rita Beauperthuy, Rivera Diego, Rob Elphinstone, Rob Hooper, Rob Zeer, Robert Anderson, Robert Ascroft, Robert Barratt, Robert Bateman, Robert Cerins, Robert Dale Sharp, Robert E. Wood, Robert Genn, Robert H. McMurray, Robert Hall, Robert Harms, ROBERT Hubert, Robert Katz, Robert Naish, Robert Savignac, Robert Simpson, ROBERTI Ercole de, Roberto Alpizar, Roberto Bracchi, Roberto Burle Marx, Roberto MattaEchaurren, Roberto Miranda, Roberto Montenegro, Roberto Puente, Roberto Robles, Roberto Romero-Molina, Roberto Rosique, Roberto Rossi, Roberto Silva, Robyn Lake, Rod Charlesworth, Rod Corraini, Rodolfo Opazo Bernales, Rodolfo Ríos, Rodolfo Stanley, Rodrigo Bonome, Rodrigo Molina Figuls, ROELAS Juan de las, ROESTRAETEN Pieter Gerritsz. Van, Rogelio Pérez Cano, Roger Aldworth, Roger Ayliffe, Roger D. Arndt, Rogerio Fuzato Sanches, ROGHMAN Roelandt, Rogiervander WEYDEN, Roland Borges Soto, ROMANELLI Giovanni Francesco, ROMANINO, ROMBOUTS Salomon, ROMBOUTS Theodor, ROMNEY George, Ron Chudley, Ron Kingswood, Ronald Boaks, Ronald Zdriluk, Rosa Elena Gerardino, ROSA Salvator, Rosalba CARRIERA, Rosalya, Rosamonde Dupuy, Rosana Amato, Rosangela Tebar, Rosario Guajardo, Rose, Rose Zivot, Rosemarie Gall, Rosemary Bennett, Ross Penhall, ROSSELLI Cosimo, ROSSO FIORENTINO, ROTARI Pietro Antonio, Roxana Amezquita, Roxsane K. Tiernan, Roy Thomas, Ruben Cukier, Ruben Lamagni, Rubens Gerchman, RUBENS Pieter Pauwel, Rubi Corlatti, Ruby Yunis, Rufino Tamayo, RUISDAEL Jacob Isaackszon van, RUOPPOLO Giovanni Battista, Russell Hogger, Ruthy Valdez, RUYSCH Rachel, RUYSDAEL Salomon van, RYCK Pieter Cornelisz van, RYCKAERT David the Younger, S. J. Mauro, SACCHI Andrea, SAENREDAM Pieter Jansz, SAFTLEVEN Cornelis, SAFTLEVEN Herman, Sahar McCullough, SALIMBENI Ventura, SALINI Tommaso, Salomon KONINCK, Salomonde BRAY, SALUCCI Alessandro, Salvador Zaino, SALVIATI Cecchino del, SALZILLO Francisco, Samson Flexor, Samuelvan HOOGSTRATEN, SANCHEZ COELLO Alonso, SANCHEZ COTÁN Juan, SANCHEZ Pedro, SANDBY Paul, Sandra Cinto, Sandra Fowler, Sandra Marengo, Sandra Nunes, Sandra TREMBLAY, SANDRART Joachim von, Sandrine LESALIER, Sandro BOTTICELLI, SANO di Pietro, SANTERRE Jean-Baptiste, Santiago Cogorno, Sara Genn, SARACENI Carlo, Sarah Bradbury, SASSETTA, SASSOFERRATO, Satenik Tekyan, Saul Aguirre, Saúl Esparza, SAVERY Roelandt, Savio Floret, SAVOLDO Giovanni Girolamo, SCHALCKEN Godfried, SCHAUFELEIN Hans Leonhard, SCHEDEL Hartman, SCHEDONI Bartolomeo, SCHEERE Herman, SCHIAVONE Andrea, SCHÖNFELD Johann Heinrich, SCHONGAUER Martin, SCHOOTEN Floris Gerritsz van, SCHRIECK Otto Marseus van, SCOREL Jan van, Scot Paisley, Scott Macleod, SCOTT Samuel, SCOTTI Gottardo, Sebastian Cudicio, Sebastian VRANCX, SEBASTIANO DEL PIOMBO, Sebastiano MAZZONI, Sebastiao Jeovani, Sébastien BOURDON, Secundino, SEGHERS Daniel, SEGHERS Gerard, SEGHERS Hercules, SEGNA DI BUONAVENTURE, SEISENEGGER Jacob, Selina, Sergey Malina, Sergio Giraldo, Sergio Villarreal, SERODINE Giovanni, SERRA Jaume, SERRA Pedro, SESTO Cesare da, Sharolyn Zablotny, Sharon Holmes, Sharon Isaaks, Sharon Mason, Shawn Jackson, Shawna Flinkert, Sheila Adams, Sheila Fraga, Sheila Norgate, Sheila Symington, Sheri Lynn Burhoe, ShirLee Adams, Shirley Chinneck, Shirley Hargreaves, Shirley Kolb, Shirley Thomas, SIBERECHTS Jan, SIGNORELLI Luca, Silvana Langlois, Silvia Adriana Braun, Silvia Bracaccini, Silvia Claus, Silvia Dantona, Silvia Evert, Silvia Garavaglia, Silvia Giwant, Silvia Luquez, Silvia Schlossarek, Silvina Mirasole, Simon BENING, Simon MARMION, Simon VOUET, Simonde VLIEGER, Simone CANTARINI, SIMONE MARTINI, Simonian Ada, Siomara Ochoa, Sir Anthony Van Dyck, SIRANI Elisabetta, SirGodfrey KNELLER, Siron Franco, SirPeter LELY, SirThomas LAWRENCE, Sisto BADALOCCHIO, SITTOW Michel, Slava Tch, SNYDERS Frans, Soares da Pedra, SODOMA Il, Sofia Kennedy, Sofonisba ANGUISSOLA, SOLARI Andrea, SOLIMENA Francesco, SOMER Paulus van, SON Joris van, Sonia Anziani Rozas, Sonia Margarita Varguillas de Utrera, Sonia Marinelic, Sonia Vinco, Sophie Hallonquist, Sophie Paquet, SPADA Lionello, SPELT Adrian van der, Spencer Wynn, Spilimbergo Lino Eneas, SPINELLO ARETINO, SPRANGER Bartholomaeus, SQUARCIONE Francesco, STALBEMT Adriaan van, Stan Phelps, STANZIONE Massimo, STARNINA Gherardo di Jacopo, STEEN Jan, STEENWIJCK Harmen, STEENWYCK Hendrick the Younger, Stefan Horik, Stefan LOCHNER, STEFANO DA ZEVIO, STELLA Jacques, Stella Martínez, Stella Ruzzi de Borchardt, Stella Sidi, Stéphanie Béliveau, Stéphanie DELISLE, Stéphanie RIVET, Stephen ManFai Cheng, Steve Mitts, Steven Armstrong, Steven Mack, STOCKT Vrancke van der, STOM Matthias, STORCK Abraham, STOSKOPFF Sébastien, STOSS Veit, STREECK Juriaen van, STRIGEL Bernhard, STRIGEL Hans II, STROZZI Bernardo, STUBBS George, SUBLEYRAS Pierre, Sue Cowan, Sultana Said, Susan Haigh, Susan Hudson, Susan Keane, Susan McIvor, Susan Parr, Susan Pereira, Susan Point, Susan Seddon Boulet, Susan Williamson, Susan Woolgar, Susana B. Cicero, Susana Bonnet, Susana Helman, Susana Larocca, Susana Martínez, Susana Negri, Susana Rosa Baldino, Susana Weingast, Susana Wildner Torres, Susanne Kestner Aiello, SUSTERMANS Justus, SUSTRIS Lambert, SUVÉE Joseph-Benoit, Suzan-Édith Lafrenière, Suzanne Claveau, Suzanne Collins, Suzette Fram, SWANEVELT Herman van, SWEERTS Michiel, Swen André Langer Fernández, Sylvia Amélia, Sylvia Guimarães, Sylvia Naylor, Sylvie Larose, Sylvie Paquette, TADDEO DI BARTOLO, Taddeo ZUCCARO, Takashi Fukushima, Tamayo Rufino, Tarsila do Amaral, TASSEL Jean, TASSI Agostino, Tata Meyer Arana, Tatiana Inguanzo, Taulois, Ted Godwin, Telford Fenton, TEMPEL Abraham van den, TENGNAGEL Jan, TENIERS David the Elder, TENIERS David the Younger, TEODORA PICA, Teófilo Villacorta Cahuide, TERBORCH Gerard, TERBRUGGHEN Hendrick, Teresa Fernández de Pereira, Teresa Troconis, Teresita Beatriz Neumann, Terezinha, Terra McDonald, Terry Ananny, Terry Fenton, Terry McCue, Terry Osborne, TESTA Pietro, Thaís Medeiros, Theessa Mendizábal de Mufarech, Theodoor AENVANCK, Theodor Rieger, THEOPHANES the Greek, theYounger RINGLudgertom, Thomas Jacques Sommerscales, Thomas JONES, Thomas Love, Thomasde KEYSER, THORNHILL Sir James, THULDEN Theodor van, TIBALDI Pellegrino, TIEPOLO Giovanni Battista, TIEPOLO Giovanni Domenico, Tim Fraser, Tim Schumm, Tina Richter, TINTORETTO, TISCHBEIN Johann Heinrich Wilhelm, Tita, TIZIANO Vecellio, TOCQUÉ Louis, Toledo Franciso, Toller Cranston, Tom Braithwaite, Tom Smith, Tomás Hernández Chávez, Tony Key, Tony Mascardelli, TORRENTIUS Johannes, TOURNIER Nicolas, TOURNIÈRES Robert, TRAINI Francesco, TRAVERSI Gaspare, Tricia Syz, TRISTÁN Luis, TROGER Paul, TROOST Cornelis, Troph BIGOT, TROY François de, TROY Jean-François de, TURA Cosmè, TURCHI Alessandro, Ugolino LORENZETTI, Ulysses Sanchez, Ursula Allen, Ursula Salemink-Roos, Valentin Thibon de Libian, Valentina Peraza, Valenzuela Daniel, Valerio CASTELLO, Vanessa Mack, Vasta Nélida, Venita Jay, Vera C Lima, Vera Zamora, Verna Code, Veronica Garcia Lao, Veronica Nobile, Vesna Vera, Viana Rodriguez Etcheto, Vicente CARDUCHO, Vicente MASIP, Vicky Marshall, Victor Alejandro Della Bianca, Víctor Chab, Villanueva Camilo, VincentIILaurenszvander VINNE, Vincent-Van Gogh, Vincentvander VINNE, Vincenzo CAMPI, Vincenzo Castaldo, Vincenzo CATENA, Virgilio Pellegrini, Virginia Bordeleau, Vito Campanella, Vittore CARPACCIO, Vivian A Zuba, Viviana Agosti, Viviana Andres, Vladimir Maksimcev, Vladimir Volyansky, Voita Matousek, W.H. Webb, WAE Godfrey, Wagner Bottaro, Walderez Perez, Walter Drohan, Walter Luiz Lopes de Miranda, Wannia Chiriboga Van Den Brande, Wassily Kandinsky, Wayne Boucher, Wendy D, Wendy Powell, Wilfredo Lam, Willams Carmona, Willem BUYTEWECH, Willem HERREYNS, Willem KALF, Willem KEY, WillemClaesz HEDA, Willemvan AELST, Willemvan MIERIS, Willemvande theYounger VELDE, William HOGARTH, William Kurelek, William Power, William Roy Brownridge, William Townsend, William Walton Armstrong, Wolf HUBER, Yana Headford, Yolanda Marroquin, Yolanda Suarez, Yoya Lopez, Yvette Boulanger, Yvette Cuthbert, Yvette Nogueira, Yvon St-AUBIN, Yvonne Bernardy Dearden, Yvonne Morrish, Zacarías Páez, Zaira Araújo, Zayat, Zdravko Ducmelic, Ze José Cordeiro, Zoe Clemens, Zoraida Villegas, Zubia Uzcategui, Zulay Jesús de Piña, Zulema Reynoso
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