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"The Painter’s Keys" is an excellent tool for art teachers and instructors who give art seminars and painting workshops. The book can stimulate new levels of receptiveness and creativity. Try including "The Painter’s Keys" as part of the take-home material for your seminar, and see better and faster results from your students. Please feel free to contact the publishers for significant discounts for a dozen or more copies ordered at one time.

"The Painter’s Keys" is not an instruction manual on how to paint - you already know how to do that. This is a book which lets you take control and run yourself and the business side of your profession. Artist Robert Genn guides you with the methodology of living contemporary artists who make thirty and fifty thousand dollars a month - and more. This is a transcript of a seminar which literally takes you out of a lay-by and onto the main highway of the arts.

These are simple systems of distribution, attainable attitudes, new motivation, dealer attraction and management, distribution, timing, publication, reproduction; in short, all the nuts and bolts you need to put your work in the hands of the collecting public.

The 160 page volume contains every word of one of Robert Genn's brilliant seminars. In this seminar professional and semi-professional artists interact with one another. It draws on the wisdom of the great and the highly successful.

Chapter headings include:
   -   The Child and the Recipes
   -   The Better Artist
   -   Planning for Quality
   -   Motivation
   -   Women as Artists
   -   Nuts and Bolts
   -   Confession Time
   -   Seven Secrets
   -   Adding Value
   -   Gathering Up

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study with a mentor, to learn the secrets of the professionals, to have someone answer all the questions that were never tackled in art school?

The ten transcribed hours of "The Painter’s Keys" lay out, topic by topic, the essentials to making it, to tapping into your powers of creativity and finding the keys to thriving as a prospering artist. An index leads you to areas of your particular interest. Keywords allow you to take your own personal direction. Artists and art students have said that reading "The Painter’s Keys" has been invaluable to their future as professionals. It will surprise you - and it's so simple. You already know a lot of what's contained in the book - now the professional information and attitude is confirmed. If you are already doing well - you will now begin to do better still.

Here are the straight goods from professional creators who balance simple, practical business sense with the unobstructed joy of creating. The point is that it takes less effort than you think - and you can spend less time worrying about commercial considerations when you don't have to worry about where the next dollar is coming from. Set it up so it works - then get on with your main job - your art. But be warned - this is not for everyone - it takes application, work habits, and character.

"Art, being quite useless, except to the soul, is the highest of all human endeavours." - Bruce M. Rogers

Robert's worldwide gift that artists love to get.

Absolutely free, no strings. Cancel at any time.
You'll get the valuable twice-weekly letter only.
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Last modified: May, 30, 2015