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Artists Write About
"The Painter's Keys"

"I had always got along - through times of discouragement and bursts of what I called progress - then I applied some of Genn's principles - and the last eight months have been spectacular. " (Burlington, Ont.)

"This should be required material for anyone who is attempting to function in any creative field. As a painter and writer it has swept the cobwebs away. The doors opened. It has simply made the way clear for me to be permanently inspired." (Pasadena, Calif.)

"....Couldn't put it down...A complete joy to have it in my studio - it is wise, it is fun, stimulating, totally motivating.... " (Kelowna, B.C)

"Genn's book made me realize my ambitions were acceptable and attainable. I was somehow blocked until this clear thinking came along. He helped me get rid of the bull. Now I see my world is awash with opportunity - and it's alright for me to have some of it. " (Leeds, U.K.)

"People think that it was by some fluke or whim of fashion that my work has suddenly become popular. " (Leister, U.K.)

"I always thought I knew most of the secrets - I really couldn't complain - but then I realized that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I secretly hope no one else hears about "The Painter's Keys." Except for the young ones just starting out. They need it. " (Vancouver, B.C.)

"His ideas of respect and management of time, simultaneity, and pump-priming changed my life. " (Copenhagen, Denmark.)

"I have known Robert Genn for some years and have always thought him to be some sort of goofy workaholic. After attending his seminar "The Painter's Keys" I realized there is more than meets the eye. His philosophy and practicality are a model for all artists. I can personally attest that his system of attaining joy in painting works for me too. " (Calgary, Alta.)

"....this book lets you see, really see, the unused possibilities in damned near everything.... " (London, U.K)

"He gave me a personal sense of well being and self esteem about my work. I didn't know I needed it. He was also instrumental in helping me to become as successful as I am. " (Seattle, Wash.)

"What you have done present a book full of wonderful rules while simultaneously making it clear that you will in all likelihood blow them out of the window when new and better ones present themselves. You have presented a solid framework of rules not as bars but as ladders."(New York, NY)

"I used to worry if I could meet my obligations at the end of every month. Now I have an accountant on retainer and I don't think about money at all. " (Denver, Colo.)

"I always heard that artists are lousy businessmen. I know I am one. But now I've got something else going for me - and it sure makes me look like a good businessman. " (Los Angeles, Calif.)

"There is a really delicious essence to this book. How it makes you want to rip into your art like a three-pound steak - not because you found a new way to use purple, but because you were shown the ways to unlock the joys and possibilities of life present in the clunkiest of us, to get something previously ungettable on the wall. " (Barcelona, Spain)

"The information that you supplied is worth gold...." (Toronto, Ont.)

"It kick started my fiery little Irish spirit that's been on automatic choke for awhile. (Oshawa, Ont.)

"This is a wonderful book, one full of good things: clever advice, fine descriptions of all kinds, enlightening anecdotes, vital insights and hilarious asides. The whole thing is presented with verve and energy." (Iowa City, Iowa)

"Your advice on the passage from amateur to professional painter has been invaluable to me." (Edgewater, B.C.)

"Your book is tremendous - full of bright and original ideas and encouragements. You are practised and idealistic at the same time. (Pheonix, Arizona)

"The book's seminar format provides that all-essential ingredient in problem-solving, i.e. inquiry." (Hilo, Hawaii)

"I was amazed that you raised so many issues which were relevant to my own sporadic bursts of painting activity. Thank you for a very inspiring and helpful text. I can hardly wait to get out my brushes." (Eastbourne UK)

"New self esteem, self fulfillment, satisfaction at being a free agent, and new levels of self expression...." (Fredericton, N.B.)


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The Painter's Keys by Robert Genn



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